Custome Component Development

Custom component design, manufacturing and testing from DC to 120 GHz.  We have a proven design flow that can make custom RF filters quickly at an industry beating price. See our Product page for more developed products.

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System Integration

Complex systems require a global view of the system. There are many aspects of integration that must all be considered.

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5G Back Haul

Evaluate and integrate custom backhaul solutions.

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Automotive Radar

NTSB has call for all cars to have collision avoidance systems in the near future and radar is the leading technology. Multiple frequencies will need to be used for detail resolution and object identification. Higher frequency system development (38 and 77 GHz) requires expertise and understanding of the challenges that mm Wave technology presents.

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Weather Observations

Advanced compact radiometers for atmospheric data to update radiative transfer models.

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System Analysis From mmWave to Baseband

With the ever increasing demand on sensitivity and data rates, whole system architecture must be evaluated. High frequencies require more thought. I have experience with systems up to 180 GHz.


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I look forward to evaluating your system and giving you solutions that will meet any requirements.

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