Compact Radiometers

It is imperative that the RF industry continue to condense RF modules. With a quick look at the available technology it seems straight forward. Just get the appropriate chips, line them up, wire bond in connections, power, and off you go. Well, thankfully this isn’t the case, because if it were I would be out of a job.

In order to accomplish this task a great deal of planning is necessary for design and implementation.

  1. Power budget
  2. Biasing networks
  3. Component (typically MMIC) matches
  4. Housing design

Just to name a few of the major hurdles. It is now becoming more common to produce modules in extremely compact housings. While this is having a wide sweeping impact on the industry it is also causing unforeseen issues.

It is difficult to specify all of the needed parameters and these systems have a tendency to require added tuning one they have been produced. With 10+ years of system integration and RF experience Williams RF Works has been able to help small and large companies, a like, to avoid many of the common and not so common issues. In addition, WRFW can help with designs from component level to the integration of multiple compact modules.

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